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Links to Pages for each Robot Section:
Computer Section
Power Section
Drive Section
Wheel Odometry
Control Panel
Local Materials Source
Photos 08 2022
Remote Control Transmitter - Battery Charger
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My Chatbot design notes: (on INSTRUCTABLES)
How to make an A.I.

My YouTube Playlist:
Zoe the Robot

My Favorite Robot Web Sites:
X Robots - James Bruton
X Robots - Open Source bi-ped
Saint Louis Robot Club
System Technology Works (aka STW aka Luis Robots
Good Technical info - Rasberry Pi and Python and MORE
Smooth Open Source Brushless Motor Control (+Wheels and Robots)
Justine's web site : Sky's Edge

My Favorite Maker You-Tube Channels:
This Old Tony

Robot Parts & Electronic Componants:
Jameco Electronics
Digikey Electronics
Mouser Electronics
MPJA Electronics
Pololu Robotic & Electronics
Phidgets: IO boards & Sensors
Super Bright LEDs
If you have comments, suggestions or questions,
contact me : Zoe@ZoeTheRobot.net
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I like robots with personalities.
I like bedtime stories.
Suzanne Palmer creates robots with personalities, when she writes her stories.
Kate Baker creates robots in "The Theater of the Mind" when she records stories for Clarkes World Magazine {ClarkesWorldMagazine.COM}
Suzanne wrote these stories, and Kate recorded them. These are some of my favorites.

Bot 9 is the last "Single digit" maintenance robot on the last remaining earth ship. The ship had been mothballed long ago, but was brought back into service for a suicide mission to save our planet. Bot 9 comes up with a plan to complete the mission and save the crew at the same time. The ships AI system and Bot 9 have some interesting discussions about how Bot 9 interprets his orders.

The secret life of bots:

Bots of the lost ark:

To sail beyond the botnet:

Dave is a talking robotic amusement park dinosaur that has a mind of his own. Dave has a plan, but so does Cassie and so does Cassie's evil father.
Cassie thinks she is taking Dave on a harmless road trip in her grease powered police cruiser, but Ted springs his trap.
However, Cassie, Marty and Dave beat the odds, collect some spare dino parts and escape.

Dave's Head:

Each time Joe is wounded in action, he gets intelligent replacement parts.
This humorous story lets us listen in on the conversations between Joe's parts and the central controller.

33% Joe:

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Right Column - Videos

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ZoeTheRobot - 18650 Cell Resistance
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ZoeTheRobot - Playing Dumb

ZoeTheRobot - Whip Lash

ZoeTheRobot - Richards Questions

ZoeTheRobot - Junk Box Display

ZoeTheRobot - Adding Amber Lights

Zoe the Robot - After the Repairs

ZoeTheRobot - A "Time Stamped" Log.

ZoeTheRobot - Learn Mode

ZoeTheRobot - Up Close

New sound activated light installed

I took Zoe all apart for some changes

Zoe answers Tom's questions

Zoe lists her specifications

Zoe seen approaching from the back yard

Zoe pretends to be HAL and Robot B9
Zoe's custom made Chat-Bot

The four major functions in Zoe's software

Delay in Zoe's Chat Bot

Zoe has a Christmas Message for everyone

Zoe the Robot - Stress Test. Nov 2021

Zoe the Robot - New Meter / Odometry Aug & Sept 2021

Shows the robot, fully stacked, trying to move around in a small room.

Shows the robots head motion (3 DOF)

Shows the robot being questioned, and the bot's answers

Zoe the Robot - Startup and Operation

Zoe The Robot - A home made chat-bot on go-kart wheels

ZoeTheRobot - A home made chat-bot on go-kart wheels